One Thursday in June we each ate a whole watermelon for our promotional photos.
The soundtrack to that show was an entire Kate Nash album.

We collected an award last spring. In the photos we look like look like CBBC presenters in 1998.
We’re wearing matching power suits. Contrary to popular opinion, we did that deliberately.

Once we took a sofa apart on the pavement in Islington after our van failed to appear.
Half the audience stayed to hold the cushions so they wouldn’t get wet.

That was the second night – after the first show we met a girl in the bar who’d come straight out of the theatre and called her best friend, just to say hi.

Box Room Theatre is a South East London based company run by four women. We make loud and messy theatre about the conversations we are not having but need to in whatever form strikes us as best. We place great importance on being rigorous about what we are saying and why it needs to be said. We place great importance on our audiences leaving feeling in some way different to how they came in. We think it is important theatre is inclusive. We think it’s important theatre is a good night out. We think it’s important that we are women working in theatre today. We think it’s important we do not shy away from the political.

our work makes us braver, and we want our audience to feel the same. 

We’re happy with how it’s gone so far.

Winners of the 2017 Goldsmiths Innovation award

Funded by the Goldsmiths Student Project Fund